It's the "take out" version of Peressini & Co.

Recently I heard about an online community called Patreon, that allows creative folks like me to find supporters; effectively, fans who love the work we do and want to support it. I heard about Patreon through James Victore, a heavy hitter in the design world who is based out of the US. For $1 a month I get access to James's instructional videos on creativity and design. I love them and $1 a month is nothing considering the time and effort that goes into what he's producing.

My offering is my designs. I love doing this work and it's what keeps a smile in my mind and keeps my creative muscle strong, but it often gets backburnered while client projects are prioritized. I hope to change this by finding enough backers to be able to say 'no' to some of the bread and butter work and 'yes' to more of the rich and juicy work I'll be posting there like this first design below—a floral paper fidget spinner.


So, for $2 per creation you will receive the template and instructions for recreating my featured designs yourself at home using either an old school craft knife—how I have prototyped most of my designs thus far—or a die cutting machine if you own one, as I now—finally—do.

THIS is my first offering in action and THIS is my Patreon page.

Thanks for taking a gander.